Banana Leaves is a series of abstract black & white photographs begun in 2018.

It is not a question of showing the banana leaf as a plant but revealing its abstract dimension. This is done by focusing on the shapes and textures of the leaf surface.

Some leaves that are photographed against the light are used as a filter between the sun and the lens. I define my framing in order to enhance the effect of brushing.

In other circumstances, it is the incisions on the surface of the leaves that are crossed by light, punctuating the space of the image.

The different pigments of the leaf offer shades that evolve from chlorophyll green to golden yellow and then orange red depending on the season. By decreasing or accentuating these pigments, I act on the effects of textures.

If the resulting photograph is a working basis that is truly defined during development, it is ultimately the surface condition of the leaf that guides the artistic process from the moment the image is taken to the final image.